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Mildred Pierce - 1945 MGM 

Joan won an Oscar for her performance as a hard working housewife turned waitress then restaurantuer. All her efforts are foiled by her ungrateful daughter Veeda (Ann Blyth), but come to a climax when she finds they competing for the love with the same man. Suppoting cast including Eve Arden and Ann Blyth received best Actress nominations.   

In a discussion one day at the restaurant Eve has this to say about darling daughter Veeda
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The Women - 1939 MGM 

What can one say about a picture with an entire female cast including Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer, Rossalind Russell, Joan Fontaine, Mary Boland and Marjorie Main. The premis of the film is the divorce, cattiness and competiton among a 'circle ' of friends. Joan portrays the husband stealing goldigger Crystal Allen, who when confronted by all (scene at left) she has this to say. A hilarious and bitchy film it recieved no awards but is well worth a look,especially for its technicolor sequence of a fashion show. 
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Whatever Happened to Baby Jane - 1962 Warner Bros. 

Joan Crawford and Bette Davis were rumored to be long time rivals for most of their lives, but this film leaves little to the imagination of how they felt about one another. Joan as a pathetic invalid and Bette as a drunken psychotic living in her childhood. It is not a good film but a must see if you like the actresses. Davis received her tenth Oscar nomination for her role. 

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Our Dancing Daughters - 1928 

One of the best Jazz Age silents, with absurdly melodramatic story: flapper Joan loses Johnny to Anita Page, who's been pushed into marriage against her will. Crystallization of the Roaring 20s. Silent film with synchronized music track (and even an occasional bit of off-screen dialogue). 

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Academy Awards
 Actress 1945: MILDRED PIERCE
 Nominated for Actress 1947: POSSESSED
 Nominated for Actress 1952: SUDDEN FEAR